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"I joined Utility Tracker in October 2011 thinking this was 'too good to be true,' but I have been delighted. They have switched me 3 times since then saving me £499.13 in October, a further £245.32 in February and an even further £357.55 in July. Utility Tracker has saved me a total of £1,102.00 so far this year."

Shimmy, Manchester

"Thank you Utility Tracker for doing the job for me that I always meant to get round to doing myself. We have made significant savings this year in financial terms, as well as achieving peace of mind knowing that we are no longer paying over the odds for our energy supply. Your service is efficient and reliable. To my mind - joining is a no brainer!"

Malcolm, Edgware

"Brilliant! Just can’t understand why no one else is providing this service...thank you."

Shaun, Birmingham

"It’s time someone played the energy suppliers at their own game. Before joining Utility Tracker I would sign up to what I thought was a good tariff, but then a few months later would get a letter telling me that they have increased their prices. You just switched me away."

Grace, Preston

"All I had to do was make one phone call and then relax in the knowledge that I’m always on the best tariff. Amazing stuff."

Toby, Chorley

"You switched me from a fixed tariff to another lower fixed tariff. I had to pay an exit fee of £40, but you saved me £160. I know it’s obvious, but I just didn’t think of that."

Shahid, Leeds

"I signed up 18 months ago and saved £486 in the first switch, £180 six months later and a further £60 recently – I’m delighted!"

John, London

"I thought I was monitoring my bills quite closely but I got too busy. Utility Tracker saved me £732 when I joined in October and another £80 just now in January. Energy prices keep changing, it needs constantly watching!"

Jennifer, Cheshire


Brilliant! Just can’t understand why no one else is providing this service... thank you.

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