How It Works

Our utilitytracker will always ensure you are on the lowest domestic rate. We will check your tariff every quarter to see whether you can take advantage of a lower rate and switch you to it. Between each quarterly review, we continually track market fluctuations so if another supplier brings out a better deal, we would switch you again at that point too.


So if your supplier is too quick to raise or too slow to lower their rates, we'll be right there to make that move for you.


No Save - No Pay


There is no cost to join utilitytracker and start having your bills monitored. Once we have identified savings of at least £150 we begin charging a monthly fee of £5.99.


What kind of savings will you make?


We save many of our customers over £700* per annum, but it depends on the size of house, number of occupants and the energy market fluctuations.


Brilliant! Just can’t understand why no one else is providing this service... thank you.

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    Find out how we save our customers on average £700 per annum.

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