utilitytracker was formed over four years ago to offer consumers an energy management service so they had more control over their gas and electricity.


We found that many consumers stayed on the same tariff for years because they didn’t know if they were paying a good rate or an expensive rate, most thought it was probably ‘okay’ but the prospect of switching was just too daunting or time consuming.


So we set up utilitytracker to take over managing our customers energy supply. We identified cheaper tariffs, did the switch, liaised with energy suppliers (yes, we have spent many hours on hold!) - all on behalf of our customers. All they had to do was read their meter from time to time and that was it! Then we kept checking the market and kept switching them if their current supplier raised prices or if better deals became available.


Hundreds of consumers have since signed up with utilitytracker and have not looked back. We have significantly reduced gas and electricity bills for those who weren’t sure how to switch or if they did, never got around to it as often as they should. Word spread when the ‘saver savvy’ community realised they could save even more through continual monitoring and switching than if they just did it themselves.


To contact us, please call 0161 660 2657 or 0203 432 8803

Or text TRACK to 80800

Or email info@utility-tracker.com


Brilliant! Just can’t understand why no one else is providing this service... thank you.

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