Why use utilitytracker?
Because we do it all for you:
  • No more lengthy phone calls, or waiting on hold
  • Switch every time you can save, no need to wait until you have the time to deal with it
  • No more hassle from energy suppliers. If you have any issues, we liaise with your supplier for you (in most cases)
  • Have peace of mind that your gas & electricity bills are always the lowest for your energy usage
  • Even government ministers say you should switch!


    "Consumers are too lazy to cut fuel bills”, minister says according to The Times front page (September 2011).


    Chris Hume, the former Energy Secretary, told The Times,
    that families could treat themselves to a £300 mini-break, if they hunted for gas and electricity bargains but "they do not bother."


    We disagree! Consumers are not too lazy - they are too busy!
    Let's face it, we all have other priorities.


    utilitytracker is easier for you. We take the strain and automatically switch you to the cheapest energy tariffs.


    It can be complicated corresponding with every supplier. We do it all for you.


    Remember. We will save you a lot more than if you try and do it yourself. Discover how...


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